IR 50/50 competitors are eligible to receive pins marking a variety of shooting accomplishments.
Below are images of each pin with an explanation of its status.

Competitor has shot a 250 target

10 250 pins may be exchanged for a 2500 pin

Class winner at a 3-Gun Match

Target winner at an Unlimited Match

State & Regional Champion:

2-Gun, 3-Gun, Sporter, 10.5#, 13.5#

Unlimited State & Regional Champion:

UL-1, UL-2, UL-3, 3-Gun Agg

Top 25 Box Champion

Club SOTY Champion:

Sporter Class, 10.5# Class, 13.5# Class

Unlimited Club Champion:

1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place

Nationals Champion:

2-Gun, 3-Gun, 4-Gun, 6-Gun, Sporter, 10.5#, 13.5#, UL#, Shooter of the Year, SOTY Class Grand Champion, Unlimited Shooter of the Year, THE LIST Champion, World Record



Shooter has attained 30 Hall of Fame points


Shooter has attained 60 Hall of Fame points


Shooter has attained 90 Hall of Fame points