IR5050 Kettlefoot has big week at the 2017 Triple Crown

The 3rd Annual Triple Crown week at Kettlefoot was witness to large crowds for 3 IR5050 matches.

Tuesday night was a Club/Money UL Match with 27 shooters. Kenny Seastrom won the match with a tie-breaker to second place Paul Tolvstad. Both shot 750-56Xs. In 3rd place was Michael Staszewski and 4th was Tim Omara ­– both with 750’s as well.

The Virginia State UL Championship on 5/24 had a large turnout as well with 50 Shooters. 31-250’s and 1-750 were shot. Winners of Yards and Meters were as follows


  1. Steve “Fiddler” Lloyd 750-53X
  2. Rhett Matheney 749-40X
  3. Chuck Morrell 748-54X


  1. Mac See 747-40X
  2. Kenneth Seastrom 747-37X
  3. Rhett Matheney 746-44X

The IR5050 Triple Crown Segment decided the Triple Crown over-all winner and it was duel to the last target. Chuck Morrell won the IR5050 segment just off a new record by 3 X’s. 61-250’s and 3-750’s were shot.

  1. Chuck Morrell 750-65X
  2. Todd Wooten 750-58X
  3. Gary Hittie 750-52X