John Williams wins Shooting For Perfection UNLIMITED SUPER X-MAN $1000 prize.

John Williams emerged on top of a close race to win the 2016 UNLIMITED SUPER X-MAN prize. Sponsored by Shooting For Perfection the $1000 cash prize awards the shooter with the highest average X-count for their top 15 Unlimited targets.

John bested a very tight field. Full results can be seen here.

Dwayne Loan captures National Unlimited Indoor title at Piney Hill.

Dwayne Loan emerged as the 2016 Indoor Unlimited Champion at Piney Hill on November 13. Dwayne shot 1498- 101X for the weekend.

Individual Yards and Meters Champs were also crowned. Dexter Bumgarner had a fantastic day on Saturday winning the 3-Gun Yards title with a 750- 60X and George Atkins held off the field to win the Meters title on Sunday with a 749- 47X. Brandon Hittie won the Junior Championship.

Once again the Indoor Unlimited weekend had a very large turnout with 5 packed relays. Many new faces were there and the competition was fierce with some very high targets being shot.