Announcing new competitions for 2015!

Fellow Shooters:

IR 5O/5O is pleased to announce an exciting addition to the 2015 season.

Clint Swigert from Shooting For Perfection has developed a new competition – SFP Unlimited Super X-Man. Super X-Man will take an Average of your top 15 X-count UNLIMITED targets shot during the 2015 List season (April 1- October 30). The highest Average X-score will win a $1000 cash prize. Tired of shooting a 248-23X that doesn’t help your Scoreline Agg? This ought to help!
Wayne Wills is so excited about this new competition he decided to add the same competition for the Sporter Class. The Sporter Super-X Man will be decided by an average of your top 10 Sporter X-count targets. The winner of the Sporter Super X-Man will also win a $1000 cash prize. These are winner take all competitions. In case of ties the highest X- count target will decide the winner. If the highest target X-count is a tie we will go down the targets until someone has a higher X-count target. Winners will also receive a very nice trophy. Super-X Man standings will start to be listed on this site in late May and will be updated with the other results.
Good luck and go shoot lots of X’s!!