IR 50/50 2015 Highlights and 2016 News-

2015 was an exciting year for IR50/50 featuring growth, innovation and fantastic competition.

The new web site was launched in January as a means to more clearly communicate with shooters and Range-Masters and to provide more “news” about IR5050. We will continue to use this space in 2016 to deliver news and features so check back here often.

Two new competitions were announced in 2015 – Sporter Super X-Man and Unlimited Super X-Man – with $1000 cash prizes going to the winner of each. Clint Swigert, from Shooting for Perfection generously put up the money for the Unlimited competition. These were really exciting competitions with the lead changing hands several times during the year. Congratulations to Joe Robinson winning the Unlimited and William Colbert winning the Sporter!

The 750 Club was launched to highlight competitors who shoot 750s. A Silver level was created for Unlimited 750s and a Gold level for 3-Gun 750s. Silver and Gold Pins were created and presented for each 750. The 750 Club has been added to the Results tab.

A real highlight for 2015 was the official creation of the Sporter Match category. This change produced an increase in Sporter targets shot and a real ressurgence in Sporter competition. Adding this category made for a new category for Hall of Fame points and was also the first year that Yards and Meters were competed at the Sporter Nationals. Mike Cameron was the first winner of a 6-Gun Sporter National.

IR5050 returned to Texas at the Boerne Shooting Club in Boerne, Texas. Joe and Lisa Chacon have done a great job developing interest in IR5050 and Rimfire Benchrest in general.

Certified Weights were created and provided to all Ranges shooting State level and above 3-Gun matches. This went a long way to ensure that all Ranges were calibrated as equally as possible.

New Scoring Pins and Magnifiers were provided to all Ranges. Again, with all Ranges using the same Scoring Pins all shooters are now competing on equal scoring footing.

2016 NEWS
The Super X-Man competition is back for a second year with another $1000.00 cash prize awarded in Unlimited and Sporter. Clint Swigert is again sponsoring the Unlimited competition and IR5050 is putting up the money for Sporter. These competitions will run the same dates as the List Season.

We welcome two new ranges for 2016 – Stonewall in Staunton, Virginia and Farrier’s Run in Indiana, PA.

Several rule changes were made in the IR5050 Rulebook. Some were minor and some cleared up confusion that has existed for several years. One of the biggest changes was to lift some restrictions so more matches could be scheduled. Check out all of the revised rules on the site as well as available for download. The changes are highlighted.

Prize Money

This year $250.00 will be awarded to the winner of the 6-target AGG at all 6 National Events.

25X Bounty

Bounties have been announced for 25X targets. This applies to the 1st 25X target shot in each class in 2016.

2016 payouts will be as follows:


10.5 lb………….$350.00

13.5 lb………….$300.00


Unclaimed bounties will roll-over into 2017 and grow. World record rules will apply requiring the 3 Match Referees signing the potential 25X target to be submitted to IR5050 headquarters. The World Record committee will score each target to be considered cofficial.



Many World Records were set in 2015. Here are the new records followed by the winners in all of the IR50/50 competitions.

Steve Lloyd- Sporter Agg Yards 748- 34X

Doug Bell- 13.5 lb Yards– 250 24X

Melvin Eck- Sporter Agg Meters– 741 31X

William Colbert- Sporter Meters– 250-22X

William Colbert- Sporter Agg  Meters– 749- 49X

William Colbert- 3-Gun Meters– 749- 49X

Chris Peterson- Sporter Agg Yards- 750 41X

Mike Cameron- 6-Gun Sporter Agg- 1493 – 84X

Mike Cameron- 4-Gun Agg – 998 – 74 X

Bruce Hornstein- 4- Gun Agg– 999 – 60X

Bruce Hornstein- 6-Gun Agg- 1498 – 84X



Sporter – William Colbert

Unlimited – Joe Robinson



Indoor 3-Gun Nationals- Pete Roberson 1497 – 92X

Outdoor Unlimited Nationals- Bill Buskey 1494 – 84X

Outdoor 3-Gun Nationals- Bruce Hornstein 1498 – 84X

Indoor Unlimited Nationals- William Poff 1499 – 112X



3-Gun List – Ted Derivan

Unlimited List – Ron Uthus

Sporter Scoreline – Tony Harper

10.5 Scoreline – Mike Cameron

13.5 Scoreline – Johnny Orfield

Unlimited Scoreline – Joe Robinson



Unlimited – Bruce Hornstein – 2999.231

3-Gun – Eddie Bigley- 2990.118

Sporter- Bob Griffin – 997.070

10.5 lb.- Tony Harper – 999.074

13.5 lb. – Johnny Orfield – 1000.065